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KiteTek provides software solutions to help customers improve operational efficiency.

The current KiteTek offering addresses key operational pain points felt by BPO’s and Outsourcers and is backed by hundreds of years of expertise.


TransMon automates Quality Management with the ability to build sampling plans, Quality Forms and automated ingestion of call recordings from the dialers of various makes. Its robust reporting allows for managersto use the system


for both ensuring their process is achieving results in the right manner as well as how the performance down to a Quality Auditor level



SimpliSolve is an automated tool and also you can Do it yourself with this decision tree. It is best used for automating Agent Scripts which keep changing with needs of the business.


it reduces Agent Training costs and time taken to revise processes. Most importantly SimpliSolve provides the ability to the Operations Team to get better control over process changes as they can make changes to the script automation.



EagleEye provides a birdseye view of operations at a center for all types of processes (Inbound/Outbound/
Backoffice). The CEO can track the Profit & Loss at the organisation level. Agent can also track his performance and KPI.


The key issue in BPOs is that agents don't know their performance and hence are unable to improve or they don't know how much money they are making & jump jobs for the increments.

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